Product Description

The new CS series is designed to maximize our customers’ production of heavy metal, profile and pipe cuts in high-volume units with a fully automatic servo feeding system.


-User friendly Omron touch screen.

– Ability to save up to 30 different cutting lenght steps in 50 different programs.

-Servo feeding with 700mm stroke. 9.999mm multiple stroke.

-Linear way minimizes vibration.

-Chip conveyor.

-Planatery Gearbox with high efficiency.


-Hyrdaulic blade tension

-Hexagonal vices for bundle tube cutting.

-Hydraulic top clamping.

-Microspray cooling system.

Standard Features

Saw Blade 34
Hydromecanic Blade Tension
Saw Blade Brash
Security Switch
Moveable Arm/Vice
Lineer Way
Optical Height Adjustment
Heavy Duty Gearbox
PLC Control Panel
Sensitive Pressure
Proximity switch for sensing blade slipping
SAP Coolant Pomp

Optional Features

• Hydraulic Blade Tension

• Multiple Segments

• ILC Microspray Device

• 3 Mt Material Roller Table

• Hydraulic Top Clamping

Technical Details
Round Cutting Capacity mm 325
Flat Cutting Capacity mm 360 x 330
Square Cutting Capacity mm 330
Main Drive Motor kW 2,2
Hydraulic Pump kW 1,1
Coolant Pump kW 0,12
Chip Conveyor Motor kW 0,25
Cutting Speeds m/min 20 – 100
Band Dimensions mm 5000x34x1,1
Working Height mm 845
Weight kg 2150
Length mm 2815
Width mm 1935
Height mm 1855