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Maintenance shops, small foundries, Furniture factories, Cabinet shops,Woodworking shops, Pallet assembly and dismantling, Portable sawmills and job shops

Aluminum, Mild steel, Stainless steel, High alloy steel, Sheet metals, Brass, Lead, wood and plastic

Features and Benefits

  • Hardened tooth tip prolongs cutting edge life
  • Flexible back extends the flex life of the blade
  • Heavy set for longer rut times
  • Plyband features extreme heavy set for radius cutting
  • Precision set provides smoother surface finish
  • Positive rake angle facilitates tooth penetration for faster cuts
  • Affordable, high-quality
  • Raker set provides straighter cuts

Bandsaw Products BIMETAL

- Red Streak
- WoodMax
- HardBack
- FlexBack
- Friction